Water Replacement Starter Pack – Water Column Replacement Images for Photoshop


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Create an actual Sea Change in your Images! The Go Ask Erin Water Replacement Starter Pack provides more than 50 underwater backgrounds and 45 minutes of detailed tutorial video to help jumpstart your mastery of Photoshop’s amazing Sky(aka Water) Replacement feature. It’s not Artificial Intelligence that superpowers it – it’s pure badass wizardry that lets you abracadabra your less-than-stellar negative spaces into wild new worlds. 


After payment, your account will be linked to a product tutorial page, where you’ll find the .SKY File digital download, along with plenty of Water Replacement Sample Images for you to download and practice on. These are the same images used for demonstration in the Video Tutorial.

This product requires Adobe Photoshop Version 2022 or later. In your Go Ask Erin account, you will see a list of all purchases, with no expiration.

The Water Replacement .SKY file, Water Replacement Sample Images .ZIP, and Water Replacement Kickstart .PDF can be downloaded directly to your computer. They don’t need an internet connection to function after the initial download. We suggest that you read the Kickstart PDF before doing anything else – it contains simple step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing the Water Replacement Preset file. The included Video Tutorial requires an internet connection for viewing. It cannot be downloaded to your devices. The Water Replacement Starter Pack is not eligible for Bundle Pricing.


  • The Sky File is 1.2 GB in file size.
    It’s best to download while on Broadband Internet.
  • Each Water Replacement Image is provided in High Resolution.
    (around 5000px Long Edge)
  • Requires Adobe Photoshop Version 2022 or later


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