Custom Video Tutorials

There’s no better way to learn than to watch an expert at work...on YOUR image. Get your custom video tutorial, starring an image of your choice.

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Custom Video Tutorials

Features & Info

Custom Video Tutorials

Essential Post Processing

Erin leads you through an onscreen, start to finish post process workflow, using YOUR image. Get your final, optimized image and a video demonstration of the specific techniques Erin uses to unleash all the potential of your photo.

Custom Video Tutorials

Tools and Techniques

Watch as Erin demonstrates a specific technique of your choice, on YOUR image. Learn the ins and outs of cropping, cloning, layer masks, adjustment layers, smart objects, building panoramas, merging HDRs, or any single technique you’d like to master.

Custom Video Tutorials

Custom Travel Workflow

You CAN take it with you. Before your next dive trip, ask Erin to create a custom video tutorial that leads you through the steps you’ll need to follow in order to correctly import, sort and back up your underwater images while traveling.

Erin possesses the trifecta of photographic skills. Awesome photographer. Photoshop and Lightroom expert. And a great ability to communicate her knowledge.
~ Linda Katz, M.D.,   Digital Shootout Participant

There is no substitute for one-on-one training, especially when it comes to the challenge of organizing, editing and mastering the tools you need to maximize your creative potential.

Contact Erin to:
• Schedule an informal session at her LA studio, or your home or office.
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• Submit your images for editing or retouching.
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